IMAP Short Video

Seed Revolution Campaign IMAP

Festival Atitlan

Agroecology and the Struggle for Food Sovereignty in the Americas

Education and the Diffusion of Agroecological Practice 

Circulo de Bananos (Tratamiento de Aguas Grises)

Map Ecovillages Abya Yala

International Permaculture Research Project Study

Viajero Sustentable Blog

Archer Study Abroad Program Blog 2013

Eco Values School Project Santiago Atitlan

Intag Permaculture Article 2010

Entrevista: Ronaldo Lec

Ronaldo Lec Ajcot Biography

Permaculture and Social Justice in Guatemala (About IMAP)

Roads Less Traveled Blog: IMAP

Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute: Seed Revolution Guatemala 

IMAP Photos: By Frankie

An Exploration of Sustainable Communities in Latin America: Comun Tierra

Permaculture People Blog

Smile Blog


Permaculture Design Course (PDC) (2014)

Creating Sustainable Landscapes and Communities through Permaculture (2013)

Rony Lec to Speak at Cornell (2012)

Guatemala Permaculture Lessons  on Food Justice at Cornell (2012)

Ithaca (Rony Guest Speaker)

Brecht Forum Events (2009)

Where There Be Dragons (EE.UU. Programa de Estudio en Extranjero):



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